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    Green spirit Rimadesio

The industrial production, as we all know, requires an important energy consumption and nowadays, to avoid negative environmental impacts, many companies are using solar energy systems. Rimadesio goes further: the Company is not just producing the needed energy for its requirements, but it is able to store the energy surplus. As a matter of fact, it is possible to plan the industrial production but not the sunbeam intensity.  Therefore, the energy surplus to requirements is internally stored for later use. The solution is more efficient than the commonly-known and based on the energy surplus introduction into the electricity network and it following reuse. Rimadesio alternative, based on the innovative energy storage through lithium batteries of the latest generation, represents the most powerful industrial storage system on a large scale in Europe.

1,3 Mwp: photovoltaic system total power
100 kWh: lithium batteries storage capacity
1,5 million kWh: annual energy production
800 tons of CO2 not released into the atmosphere  

tag: 2017; energy; green.